– Weight – Vision & Goals

Hi Loves!

Everyone’s reason for losing weight is different. My thoughts and visions are different from yours, and that’s okay. That’s the beauty of it. Everyone has a common goal, but different reasoning’s behind it.

My vision for my weight-loss journey have a lot of goals besides the scale. Don’t worry I’ll get into those too!

Lets start with my Why’s.

If I lost the weight::

I can decrease my chances of having side affects from getting preeclampsia in both pregnancies. Preeclampsia increases your chance of heart disease and/or stroke. Like the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” It also increase a heart attack in the next 5 years by 5%. If I start to make better choices for me today my future will benefit. ( Heart issues are within my family so I need to really focus in on this the most, because it increases my chances even more! ) Hence, the DASH Diet. To be honest, I haven’t really started yet. I’m still doing more research on it, but it’s the best diet for cardiovascular. So I’m going with that’s my best bet.

Play-time. Now you’re like, “Huh?” I run around with my six year old all the time. I love playing on the playground with him or play baseball. Do we go to the park as often as I want to? Nope. I’m exhausted or my body hurts. It’s not fair to my six year old. Yes, he’s in Martial Arts and going to start swimming, but I want to do more stuff with him and not be out of breath afterwards. I want to be able to get on the ground with my, almost, 6 month old, and not have to dread getting back up off the ground from hip and knee pain. It’s not fair to them. I’m their MaMa!

I could love myself and husband even more. Now you probably think I really lost it. I love my husband with all my heart. I really do, but how can I- if I don’t love myself all the time? I think our relationship, even though strong, would be even stronger. I need to dig down deep inside, and find that love I have for him to have that same for myself. I need to find my confidence. I’ll never get rid of my stretch marks, but I need to remember those marks gave me two beautiful boys. The wrinkles on my face are from laughing so hard my belly hurt. My hips getting bigger gave birth. That’s a superpower on it’s own.

To be that jean size. All you ladies get me on this one. Growing up I refused to be bigger than a size 13. Now, six months after giving birth I fit into a size 14. Not comfortably. My largest was a size 24. So I know I am losing. I would really like to be in a size 7 or 8. That’s when I feel my best.

Being able to say no to soda. I’m horrible at this. My husband went cold turkey on soda and for 99.5% he’s doing great on it. I, on the other hand, decided to take my serving and his serving on soda. Guilty. Just the other day I drank a 2 LITER bottle by myself. I hated myself afterwards.

Those are just the ones I can think of at the moment. I wanted to post this last week, but I wasn’t what my actual “Why’s” were besides just the scale going down.

I have about 107 – Yes, you read that correct to lose. That’s the first time I wrote it out on a public forum. Wow, I guess it’s real now. I never was to say or type that number again. Not true. I will type it one more time. When I crush it.

Goals for the Scale:

I have the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale. I’ve been through a lot of scales, and I love this one the most!

10 pounds – Mani/Pedi

20 pounds – New Cookbook (any suggestions?!)

30 pounds – New Sneakers (yes, even your feet lose weight!)

40 pounds – New Jeans ( I have sizes 13 and 12 also. So by this time I should be size 10-11)

50 pounds – New Work-Out clothes

60 pounds – Massage ( I deserve it at this point! )

70 pounds – New Bike ( My husband actually suggested this one. I’ve been wanting a new bike for years, and because of my weight I never really looked for one. )

80 pounds – New Hairstyle ( I like shorter hair. So does my husband. When I first met him I had short cute hair, but with the weight gain I tend to keep my hair longer. )

90 pounds – New Wardrobe ( Lets face it – At this point ALL my clothes will be falling off of me! )

100 pounds – TRIP OF A LIFETIME ( FIJI – It’s already on my vision board for my business, and I can’t wait to do this! Super excited!! )

107 pounds – Welcome to the rest of my life!! (This is by far the most exciting goal on the list. Fiji is a close second! )

I want to hear from all of you’s. What are your why’s for weight-loss? Do you have a goal list or vision board? Let me know! My comment button is by the title. I’m working on lowering it to post afterwards and not have to scroll all the way back up!

Theresa Rose

Dream Big Lotto Style

Aah, the pure bliss, with adrenaline pumping through your veins and the ultimate euphoria – knowing you have more money in the bank than you could have ever imagined.

Our Top 10 Wishlist

pay-off-debt-579x385Pay of our debt- Including my car payments. It will help boost the credit scores. Also, help our immediate family members of their debts too.


Take out a mortage and buy a house. Again, it will help boost the credit. We decided we would buy a house close to Disney World and land upstate NY. I could even tell you the exact places, but I don’t want anyone knocking on my front door.

hands-car-keys-cashFinance a car (pay it off in a few months) – Something NICE to get us from point A to B. We have dream cars, but they’re not a necessary.

Setup Trust funds for our two kids and our three nieces. Each school year they would get an allowance for supplies, school functions, and clothes. However, in the clauses they HAVE to work, or they will not receive any money from it.


A new wardrobe. We can’t remember when we actually brought clothes for ourselves. Our sneakers can talk to you if you look closely and our pants have rips in them. We put every last penny to the boys and bills. We’re very much a paycheck to paycheck family.

We would still work. My husband said part-time to keep him entertained or he would open a couple fast food places, and I would still blog – be a Young Living Distributor (because I love their products so much!) and maybe, just maybe, open my event planning business again.

We would donate to a few charities. We love Make-a-Wish, St. Jude, and ASPCA are the top of the list.

shangri-la-fijian-aerial-ocean-view-44862-thumbTake our actual Honeymoon trip alone. We wanted to go to Fiji, but ended up going to Disney World with our son, Chase. It turned into a nice family vacation.

downloadTravel with the boys and let them see the world.

6355840185_8e1c4d8f11_bSave, Save, Save! We would be so happy not having to worry about what our bank accounts look like and be able to do things without worrying if it’s going to screw up billing that week.



With Powerball hitting $430 Million you can’t help but imagine. I know I’m not the only one; am I right? Would you take the one cash out option or overtime? With roughly $143-$160 Million after taxes and whatnot that you get to keep what would you do? Would you donate? Pay off debt? Buy a house? Travel the world? Buy expensive cars? Kids through college? Or would you live moderately? Would you quit your job? I want to hear the comments how you would spend the money? Leave comments below and tell me what you’re dreams are?!

– Theresa Rose