Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP)

It is upon us. One of the most exciting events in Magic Kingdom! When we took Chase to his first trip, in 2015, we made sure to get tickets for this! This was basically my only demand for us going. My husband only went to Disney World once before this trip, and didn’t have the “Best Time Ever!” So I was determined to make this a great experience for everyone. We came in on Saturday ( Halloween ), and Sunday, November 1st, we did this.

6163911525_7c4db33457You can get in with your ticket starting at 4 p.m. even though the event doesn’t start until 7 p.m.! The lovely cast members are all dressed up and ready to get you the bracelet for MNSSHP. No need to buy a ticket for that day. You can get plenty of things done before the kick-off party.


LOL – He wasn’t squished between us, and a matter of fact, put his arms up right after the picture was snapped!

Chase’s first, big, ride ever was Splash Mountain in the dark. We were the only ones on it!! It was crazy.  I actually forgot where some of the drops were on the ride. He also loved that Trick-or-Treating spot in front of Splash Mountain. The guy kept giving him candy, and yes, he knew it was the kid.

It was the premiere year of Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular. Such a cool show from what I saw. Honestly, we only watched 10 minutes of it, because the boys wanted to do the rides.

We were able to sit still for Boo-To-You Parade. It was a lot of fun. Front row across from the Emporium.


Just wanted to jump on and give my take on the special event. FYI – This Saturday night, September 9th, is cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

Theresa Rose


Back-to-School “Essentials”

essential-oils-for-back-to-school-6-700x425New York doesn’t go back to school until September, but I know other areas of the country have gone back already. I’ve done Chase’s school supply shopping, and I already dropped it off at school. Now it’s time to do his WELLNESS SHOPPING! I wanted to share some of my favorites for back to school essentials. Keep in mind kids only need a few drops of oils to see the improvement. So a little goes a long way.


School Day Immune System Support

  • 10 ml Roll-On Bottle
  • 10 drops of Thieves
  • 5 drops of Frankincense, Thymes, and Oregano
  • Fill the rest with a carrier oil (like V-6 vegetable oil from Young Living)

*Roll on the child’s spine and feet every morning.

Healthy School Time Hair

  • 2 oz Spray Bottle
  • 8 drops Lavender
  • 8 drops Rosemary
  • 8 drops Tea Tree
  • Fill the rest with Water

*I find that wet hair is the best time to spray it on or rite before school. It absorbs better.

Making New Friends


Stree Away and Valor – Rub on wrist 2 drops each or put on

a diffuser necklace or bracelet.

*Chase can make friends with a wall if he wanted too, but I know of other kids who need this booster. It works wonders. Even talking in front of a crowd it helps.

Nervous Stomach


2 drops with a carrier oil on their belly

(Peppermint is a “hot oil” for a child)


Respiratory Support

Any of these oils are great for extra support with the respiratory system. Our family favorite is Dorado Azul. It literally opens you up within a few minutes.

*Rite on the chest and feet.

Brain Support


  • 10 ml Roller Bottle
  • 10 drops Clarity
  • 10 drops Brain Power
  • 10 drops Frankincense
  • Fill rest with carrier oil

*Roll on the back of the neck before going to school.


Homework Time Roll-On

  • 10  ml roll-on bottle
  • 5 drops Lavender
  • 5 drops Valor
  • 5 drops Cedarwood
  • 5 drops Vetiver
  • Fill with carrier oil like V-6

*Roll on the back of the neck a few minutes before homework time.


Restful Night Sleep

You can make a spray with Lavender oil and water and spray the sheet and pillow cases.

Rub Peace & Calming on the wrist, over the heart, and feet.

Diffuse Stress Away or Dream Catcher.


If you have older kids who a pre-teen, teens, and young adults going off to college you may use this list::

Adapt to Stress/Promote Courage

A few drops on the inside of your wrist and over the heart and they’re good to go.


Healthy Skin

You can use these to spot treat or do a few drops on a cotton ball and rub all over your face.


They also have an AMAZING skin care line. Men, don’t be scared. I know plenty of men who sneak the products, and LOVE the results!


Healthy Joints and Muscles

I like to layer these oils starting with a drop or two of Peppermint, then PanAway, and my “magnifier” Copaiba.


For the Athlete and Growing Support


This is an exciting one! Just this year the FDA APPROVED this to be the first medicine that we can say is a pain relief. This works AMAZING WELL. It does have Wintergreen in it so if you have blood pressure issues, pregnant, or breastfeeding it is suggested not to be used.

Anyone over the age of 12 years old and over may use. It addresses all kinds of issues from pulled muscles to arthritis.


Smelly Dorm Room

  • 2 ounce spray bottle
  • 10 drops Lemon
  • 10 drops Purification
  • Fill the rest with water


After the Party

(We’ve all been there)

A few drops of Peppermint on the belly, temples, forehead, and feet. DiGize you can put a few drops in your water or over the belly.


You can find most of these oils in the Premium Starter Kit. If you would like to sign up to get started on making this the best wellness school year yet. You can do so here.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only. We do not diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are suffering from any disease, illness, or injury it is your responsibility to consult with your Physician. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

– Theresa Rose



Recap: Chase’s 6th Birthday

header-ldc-center-logo-2x.pngWith the passing of our dog, Boomer, we didn’t really want to be around people for Chase’s Birthday. We wanted to do something fun for Chase. So we took him to LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER in Ridge Hill, New York. It is an indoor Lego experience full of play, creativity, and building designed for families with kids aged 3-10 years old. It also has two attraction rides. Sometime next year, I believe, the big LEGOLAND is coming to Goshen, New York. Can’t wait!! [Just a note for next time – go after 2:30 p.m. weekdays during the summer. A LOT of camps go! Silly Mommy.] Nonetheless, we made a day out of it. The shopping center has amazing views!


We arrived around 11, and our time was for 11:30. I was able to park in the parking garage and pump a bottle for Grayson before going in. We arrived at the doors with a few minutes to spare so we took some pictures by the wishing pool rite outside the doors.

Can you tell someone was excited to go?

We go inside with no line. Chase excitingly tells the nice lady cashier that it was his birthday! She was even more excited than he was! [Now, I’ve been to Disney World and those cast members have nothing on this lady!] I wish I took a picture of it, but Grayson was starting to fidget a little. She handed us an Activity Pack, and told us to make sure to stamp it in every room.

Let the adventure begin. The first room we could take a picture, but the line was too long so we bypassed it went to the first adventure room; the Factory Tour. Chase got to heat, spin, paint, roll the Legos, and at the end they got to take home a souvenir Lego with the Discovery Center logo on it. Even Grayson could have one.

After leaving that room we bypassed the first ride, because a camp came in rite before us. So we decided to go back later on.

Next room, Miniland. This was a really cool part. Each Discovery Center makes this room into whatever area they are in. We got to see cool New York/New Jersey landmarks.

I was bummed I couldn’t get a clear picture of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building. I kept getting bumped.


We went around the bend and the “main” room was there. It is broken up to “mini” sections. They have build-and-test, Lego Ninjago, Master Builders Academy, Lego Duplos, Lego Friends, and last, but not least, STAR WARS!

I wish I was able to take more pictures, but it was so crowded we could barely move most of the time. They had a 4-D movie theater. Almost like the Soaring ride in Disney World, but 1) Grayson 2) The line was insane.

We did, however, we were able to go on the rides. Finally! Joseph went on Kingdom Quest with Chase. I hung out in the stroller section. The boys beat the other group that went on the ride with them by 4,000 points! All those X-box hours paid off. They compared it to the Buzz-lighter ride in Disney World.

The last thing to do was go on Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. The line was long, but Chase really wanted to go on this ride with me. I used to be able to handle spinning rides all day and night, but since I was diagnosed with vertigo three years ago I can’t. It was his birthday and I couldn’t bare to say no. So we waited on the line and waited and waited. So we get on the ride. In order to go super high you had to bicycle ride your seat up there. Well, Chase barely touched the bicycle wheels. So Mama had to do 95% of the pumping. The guy who worked there came over to check our belts before we took off, and kept apologizing how crazy it was, and to say Happy Birthday to Chase, because he got to wear the Lego cutout hat. The ride was about 2 minutes long. It was fun, but sure enough I got Vertigo. It wasn’t horrible, but I felt it.

On the way out of course we stopped in the gift shop. Chase is all into the surprise bags, pretty much of anything, thank you Youtube. So we got a bunch of surprise bags for him. He also built a few minifigures. He wanted a few sets, but we said he could write them to Santa.

It was beautiful out so we decided to sit by the wishing pool and open up the surprise bags. Chase got all girl ones. Which is perfectly okay, because he has over 50 minifigures! Not a lot of female ones. He was excited, because now Mommy had some to play with. These were my two favorites! That hair on the 80’s work-out minifigure. Love it!


Since we were having a lot of fun. We promised Chase frozen yogurt. Of course, silly Mommy forgot to take pictures, but it was a nice little place one flight up to the right of Legoland. We made our way up there, and let him make his frozen yogurt treat.20881897_10213811175138514_2648866737195685741_n.jpg

Realizing that we didn’t eat since we left earlier that morning. We stopped into Elevation Burger and got the Chicken sandwhich. A little expensive since everything is separate. Not really a place I would go running back that I “must have again,” but it filled our bellies so it made us happy.

My husband is obessed with French Macaroons. We spotted a place below that had them, and really wanted to try them out. Sadly, we couldn’t it was getting late and I had to pump for another bottle on the way home. We live about an hour away without traffic. We will definitely be back to the shopping center soon. We want to try the Havana Central restaurant. It smelt AMAZING!

Of course, we got stuck in traffic and Grayson became hungry. So we give the bottle to Chase, and it got a little too quiet behind us. We peeked back, and this is what we saw.


Someone had a great Birthday!


My Baby Boy and the Rainbow Bridge

20170816_124951Joseph and I have been together since 2008, and at that time I adopted his dog as mine. Boomer was our first son together. We had to put him to sleep the day before Chase’s 6th Birthday. Wednesday morning, he became very skittish and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. Even our two other dogs wouldn’t go near him. We took him to the Vet, and they said he had a med-large brain tumor, and he was in pain. You could see the pain in his eyes that morning. [*He had signs, but we didn’t think much into them, because, overall, he was a happy go lucky dog that acted like a puppy. Not a senior.*] So with Mommy and Daddy in the room until his last breath he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was the hardest thing to watch and do, but we know it was the best for our Baby Boy, and we will see him again! We love you Boopie (Boomer) so much! You’re no longer in pain, and now running free and watching over us.♥


Sydney lost her best friend. Every time we leave and come back she thinks he’s behind us. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

(I needed a break from blogging due to my heartache, but I didn’t want to go on without acknowledging this. I didn’t know if I wanted to write a long post or a short post. To be honest, I didn’t even know what I would type until I started to type. )

Dream Big Lotto Style

Aah, the pure bliss, with adrenaline pumping through your veins and the ultimate euphoria – knowing you have more money in the bank than you could have ever imagined.

Our Top 10 Wishlist

pay-off-debt-579x385Pay of our debt- Including my car payments. It will help boost the credit scores. Also, help our immediate family members of their debts too.


Take out a mortage and buy a house. Again, it will help boost the credit. We decided we would buy a house close to Disney World and land upstate NY. I could even tell you the exact places, but I don’t want anyone knocking on my front door.

hands-car-keys-cashFinance a car (pay it off in a few months) – Something NICE to get us from point A to B. We have dream cars, but they’re not a necessary.

Setup Trust funds for our two kids and our three nieces. Each school year they would get an allowance for supplies, school functions, and clothes. However, in the clauses they HAVE to work, or they will not receive any money from it.


A new wardrobe. We can’t remember when we actually brought clothes for ourselves. Our sneakers can talk to you if you look closely and our pants have rips in them. We put every last penny to the boys and bills. We’re very much a paycheck to paycheck family.

We would still work. My husband said part-time to keep him entertained or he would open a couple fast food places, and I would still blog – be a Young Living Distributor (because I love their products so much!) and maybe, just maybe, open my event planning business again.

We would donate to a few charities. We love Make-a-Wish, St. Jude, and ASPCA are the top of the list.

shangri-la-fijian-aerial-ocean-view-44862-thumbTake our actual Honeymoon trip alone. We wanted to go to Fiji, but ended up going to Disney World with our son, Chase. It turned into a nice family vacation.

downloadTravel with the boys and let them see the world.

6355840185_8e1c4d8f11_bSave, Save, Save! We would be so happy not having to worry about what our bank accounts look like and be able to do things without worrying if it’s going to screw up billing that week.



With Powerball hitting $430 Million you can’t help but imagine. I know I’m not the only one; am I right? Would you take the one cash out option or overtime? With roughly $143-$160 Million after taxes and whatnot that you get to keep what would you do? Would you donate? Pay off debt? Buy a house? Travel the world? Buy expensive cars? Kids through college? Or would you live moderately? Would you quit your job? I want to hear the comments how you would spend the money? Leave comments below and tell me what you’re dreams are?!

– Theresa Rose

Weekend Recap:: Camping – Down and Dirty

We decided to go camping with my sister and her family last weekend. I’ve been camping since I’ve been six months old. I find it so peaceful and stress free up there. If I win lotto; I am buying a house on the lake. It’s more like “glamping” now that she has a 53′ trailer but it still works. I still have a six person tent and whatnot that my kids will be learning how to camp properly. We did our dues and can survive in the wilderness if we had too.


We got up there around five o’clock Friday night. Did you know there is a Donald J. Trump park off the Taconic State Parkway?! It’s actually an abandoned State Park. He just owns it like everything else he owns. According to the Waze app this was the fastest way to get up to where we were going; Monticello, New York. We went that way once before, but never saw the sign for it.

We were able to squeeze in dinner before the downpour came rolling in. The card game choice of the night was:: 500 Rummy. I’ve been playing that game since as long as I can remember. I started off slow, but got a nice 190 point hand. I didn’t win though. Actually, no one won. We were all exhausted and called it quits when my husband got a nice hand.

20170812_112814.jpgSaturday morning, Chase’s Aunt Jen took him on a “surprise trip.” He got to go on a shopping spree for his Birthday. That was one of his favorite parts of the trip. Meanwhile, Grayson tried Bananas and got a reaction from it. So I need to try it again in a few days. After that we took our oldest niece, Skylar, for a walk with Grayson. She’s a riot and cracks us up so much. She’s seven and is the “mayor of the campground.” She’s somewhere in the background of the picture. She doesn’t stay still enough to take a picture!

I got to take a moment of reflection on the walk, and be able to release all my negative energy that I had building up. So much stress got released this weekend. I feel calmer than I felt in a really long time.

20170813_230521After Chase got back from his shopping spree and our littlest niece, Sadie, got up from nap time we decided to go fishing. He got a brand new pole and tackle box (along with many other items) so we wanted to test it out. I hooked up his pole and we were off. The kids have an attention span of a nat. I think that lasted five minutes. If they didn’t catch a fish in the first thirty seconds they were over it.

The kids decided that the run-off was much more exciting to play in. They were covered from head to toe in dirty water. Hey, let kids be kids upstate. It wasn’t causing any harm to them.

20170812_140609On the other hand, my sister and I love to go fishing. We used to go fishing from sunrise to sunset with our cousins. We love it. My sister, Jen, ended up with 18 fish! I end up with zero. Yes, you read that correctly 0! I was 3 feet away from her! The sneaky fish kept taking my worms but not hooking. I’m out of practice. At least I got a nice tan from the sun; that finally came out. It got hot and fast.

20170812_155004We got back to the site, and let the kids go to showers in the bathhouses. After that the kids and I went on a short frog hunt in their imaginary tree house. We didn’t catch any. It’s like the frogs knew the kids went to bed later that night, and they were all out.

20882282_1577416285666270_5970708623112295406_n.jpgWe took Skylar and Chase to the playground. It became very short, unfortunately. A bunch of kids came over to play, and my sister was trying to figure out why they kept scratching their heads. So we were spinning our kids on the swings and the little girl wanted to spin too. Since no supervision was there. My sister, God bless her, decided to spin her. She looked down and she was wrapping the chain and saw white and black bugs in the little girls hair. LICE! A whole lot of it.

We got skived out, and got back in the car and took off to our campsite. When we got back I took out my trusted Young Living Oils and made a preventive blend that I was able to roll on all of us. Jen and I were scratching our heads the rest of the day. We felt gross, and we didn’t even have it.

Woohoo! Camp fire time. Sadie and Grayson we’re put to bed and it was time to have a little fun. The two oldest got to toast marshmallows and then we had a surprise birthday cake for Chase from his Aunt and Uncle Jay. It was the Green M&M, but it looked like a frog eating M&M’s. It turned out perfect for being upstate.

Moana got turned on the T.V. and the kids went inside to watch a movie. I went in to pump one last time for the night. Finally “adult time.” I don’t usually drink unless I’m camping. I don’t get sloppy, but I like a few drinks. There was no need to pump and dump, because I made sure I had enough hours in between. Drink choice – Crown Royal Apple and Ginger Ale over ice. SOOOO GOOD!


Next up was an intense game of 500 Rummy. Who am I kidding?! Everytime it got to my Brother-in-Law, Jay, we had to wait. He didn’t pay attention – he was too busy playing our DJ for the night. The game took over 2 hours! I won! Very close game between my husband and I, but I was able to squeak one pass him on the very last hand. He only need 40 and I needed 80. I ended up with 145 points.

The boys turned in for the night, and my sister and I did stargazing. In the tri-state area there was a meteor shower and the peak of it was Saturday night. It had an overcast, but we were able to see a few and one huge one. When we were kids we used to sit in an open field for hours and just watch the stars. I love star-gazing. In Long Island, it’s so bright I can barely see the stars. I get so excited to go up just to lay back in my zero gravity chair and get lost for hours. I hit my goal of 10,000 steps! It felt great!

20170812_221602Sunday morning, Jay made amazing french toast on the griddle, and it was time to start to clean up to get ready to leave. We had to drive to my sister’s to pick something up for my Mother to give her. I live much closer to her than my sister. So it was a road-trip to Jersey.

I called to see if my Dad was home. I got lucky and our schedule matched up. He’s in pretty bad shape with his carpal tunnel. I feel so bad for him. His hands we’re like surgical gloves blown up with air. I hope he gets the surgery that he needs very soon. It makes it so hard for him to drive and to work. He’s an electrician; so they definitely need their hands to do their job. The boys didn’t get to see their Nana, my Step-Mom. She was out so my Dad said that we’ll do another get together BBQ to get everyone together before the end of summer.


My Grandparents were also home! I love them. They are such a ball of fun. Chase calls them the “orange carpet” Grandparents, because they still have the 1970’s orange shag carpet all through their house. It is such a hideous but comfortable carpet.

20170813_174904After we made a day of visiting my side of the family, that we haven’t seen in forever, we made our way home. I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t do to move back to New Jersey. You could take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take Jersey out of the girl.

20170813_184722We got fifteen minutes away from the house, and Grayson woke up starving. We let Chase feed his brother Beech Nut’s Butternut Squash. To say it made for a good laugh and a big clean up it was a huge laugh to end our trip. (I cleaned him up, a little, before taking the picture – no need for the Mama police to tell me the chest piece clip is wrong. We were parked outside our house!)

– Theresa Rose


Strip it Down

Everyday we wake up subconsciously with numbers running through our heads. It’s the way we measure how healthy we really are. The number on the scale, BMI, LBM, blood pressure, sugar levels, body measurements… just to name a few. How many people live this way by knowing all this information, and who goes through life just winging it?

( The heaviest I have ever been 264 pounds – January of 2016 )

I can tell you every single stat of mine, but would that matter? Some say yes and others say no.

My “perfect” number on the scale is 159.2 lbs. According to my BMI and LBM break-down. I feel the most comfortable when the scale read 162-165. Now, you’re going to say that’s only three to six pounds. Personally, those three to six pounds make such a huge difference on my height and body frame. My blood pressure is in the normal range and sugar levels are great too.

My measurements are bigger than what “average” be. Those I will keep private for now, but I’m sure I’ll post them later down the road on another post.

The only time in my life that I didn’t care when I gained weight was when I was pregnant both times. I had pre-eclampsia. (A pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system- most often liver and kidneys.) The second time I was pregnant I got it worse and had to be put on bed-rest. I took snacking and binge watching Netflix to the extreme. I probably gained over 30 pounds the last pregnancy. Since I had it twice I am at a 5% increase in having a heart attack or stroke in the next 5-10 years.

18700228_10213000421550181_8761501242173845617_nI’m a MaMa. I want, need, to be here for my boys and my husband. Honestly, my husband gets upset when I bring it up, but it’s my reality. I believe that was my wake up call. If I continue to keep going the way I am. I’ll leave my kids motherless and that scares the crap out of me.

My BMI is high enough that I could qualify to get weight-loss surgery covered by insurance. That’s not something to be proud of.

I just turned 30 the end of last year, and I know my metabolism is not what it used to be in my teenager and early twenties, but I wish it would kick back in. If you tell me losing weight is manageable I can give you an excuse on why it’s not.

Funny story (now)-  The other day I tried on my size 14 jeans. I was so excited they were able to zip and button, but I have a little more work to do since my muffin top was hanging over. Later in the day I was typing my first health and fitness blog and my other jeans split around my right thigh front to back. I was mortified, but didn’t let it be known. I chalked it up to having the jeans for the last eight years and the thighs kept rubbing together at my heaviest so they finally gave up the fight on the wear and tear. So I “laughed” it off. 

That was my “rock bottom” reality check. I knew that I have to change in that moment, but did my head follow my heart??? Nope, I’m either eating the crappiest food or snacking here and there and not eating actual meals. I started to wear my FitBit Charger again on Monday, and it became an eye opener and not in a good way. The highest I’ve been in jeans was a size 24 – before my recent pregnancy I was a size 13-14 – after pregnancy size 20. I’m hoping, this weekend, when we go camping that something will snap and I’ll do more walking and really start to becoming more healthy conscious.

I’m human and will continue to do everything by trial and error. I hope that if you’re reading this and can relate – YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

I want to hear from you’s…leave a comment… Have you ever contemplated weight-loss surgery? What was your “rock bottom” moment? Did you overcome it?

– Theresa Rose

How to do Disney World on the Cheap!

Disney World and cheap are not two words that a lot of people put together often, but I can! It does NOT mean that you need to cut back. In fact, we end up doing more! Disney does not give out “coupons.” However, they have great deals, and hacks, if you know how to work them.

Getting to Disney World..

Traveling to Disney World is usually one of two ways: driving or flying.

Driving – Depending on the car and how many people; you could go from NYC to Disney World for $180. (Next August I will update how much we use – if it’s higher or lower.) The car is usually stocked up with snacks and items for bagels in the morning and sandwiches in the afternoon. We tend to drive straight through down I-95, but if you need to stop there are plenty of hotels along the way. If you want a cheaper overnight experience there are also a ton of campsites along the way. (Our stops are usually bathroom breaks, gas, and now playground time. You could find the list of playgrounds and how far off of I-95 it is here.)


Flying – I love JetBlue. The seats are comfortable, the stewards are usually the nicest people, and I could usually find a great deal. I have not had one bad issue from start to finish with JetBlue. I’ve had problems with a bunch of other airlines, but I won’t put them on blast. Last time, we flew to Disney, we were a family of three, and it cost us $720 round-trip. I didn’t have a credit card that had flight points, but if you have air points use them!

HACK #1 – It’s a little bit more time than just flying directly to Orlando International Airport, but it does help save! Book tickets to Jacksonville Airport for $72 one way (from NYC – amazing!) Then rent-a-car to drive to Orlando Airport. Simply, return the car and jump on Magical Express. That’s if you don’t want to rent-a-car. 

Now that we went through those Magical Gates and into the Disney World bubble…

Where to stay and when?

I, personally, never booked the Magic Your Way Package. The reasoning, you can’t use discounts that come out after booking. The pricing is set in stone. I used to only choose room option, and wait for the season before to call the reservations line to talk to a cast member. They will, gladly, be able to put on the newest offer they have.

HACK #2 -You book a room through Expedia. Then you need to call them to get an actual Disney confirmation number. Now wait for the offers to come out for the time you’re going and call up to add the discount. (They sometimes don’t list the Disney discount offer. So you get the Expedia discount and the Disney discount.) It could save you up to 40-70% off!!

20151104_154407We like to book the value resorts. Our oldest, Chase, is only six years old, and doesn’t really care what the room looks it. He loves All-Star Sports since he can decorate our window. We typically only use our room for napping during the day and sleeping at night.

We find the best time to go is the first week of November, aka Transition week- aka “Jersey Week”. That way you could do Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party too! We love going to bed one night with Magic Kingdom having Halloween decor and waking up the next day to Christmas down Main Street. Magic at it’s finest. We feel like we go two different times of the year for one price!


UndercoverTourist can save you upto $68 depending on how long your stay is. My husband gets a discount through his job using WorkAdvantage. Those are the two top ways of saving money on tickets! Well, and a being under three years old. Free!

If your vacation lets you; don’t buy park hopper. You can use the Magic Hours to your advantage. Get there at least 20 minutes before the park opens. Get on as many rides as you can within the first two hours, and then start using your Fast Passes on “main” attractions when it gets busy. Eat on off peak hours of when others eat. You could grab a snack at 11:30 and eat at 2:30 or visa versa. That way you can get the most in.

Also, go back to your hotel and relax. That way you’ll be energized at night when most people leave the parks, like a stampede in Lion King, after the first showing of the parade and fireworks. Leaving the park to free range. (If you’re in Magic Kingdom, for an extra bonus, stay an extra thirty minutes after park closing to take awesome pictures and watch the “Goodnight Kiss.”)

HACK #3 – If you’re attending a special event like MNSSHP and MVMCP then don’t buy a ticket for that day. The event starts at 7 p.m., but you can enter the park at 4! Go take a swim, Disney Springs, or go take a nice long nap. You’ll need all that engery to do the event to it’s fullest!!


A few options are available: Free Dining Offer, quick service meals, buffets, and sending/bringing food.

I don’t use the Disney Dining Plan, because it doesn’t fit my families needs.

Disney offers free dining at certain resorts certain times of the year. The only downside is you can’t use the discount on the room. The best bang for your buck is the room only offers in the 25% category or more are the best deals! That’s the Moderate and Deluxe hotels. They are often a great value on Club Level rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Those rooms come with the best Savannah view for only a little bit more than a regular room with that view. It is a beautiful resort, and one of the furthest away from Magic Kingdom, but worth every penny!

Always get the refill cup for your stay at the resort. It pays for itself after a few uses. You can’t use it in the parks, but you can use it at Boardwalk Bakery or any of the resorts if you resort hop. Take them to the park with you and ask any of the quick service places for water. It’s free!

Quick services are the fastest, cheapest way, to eat in the park. Also, saves on park time.

To save even more park time….. What works even faster?

Open the My Disney Experience app and either

  • Tap on the image of your character, scroll down to “My Plans” and press the “Order Food” button.

  • Select “Dining” from the top of the app, tap on the restaurant you want and press the “Order Food” button.

  • From there, just select the menu items that you want to order! Currently, only accepting credit cards or debit cards. No dining plans are accepted (yet).

  • When you arrive at the restaurant, open the app, tap on the image of your character and press the “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” button. This lets us know you’re here, so we can start your order.

  • When your food is ready to enjoy, you will receive a notification from the app and you’ll pick up your meal at the area with the “Mobile Order Pick Up” sign.

  • It’s so easy, your family will think it’s magic.

If we drive – we bring food or stop at the Target right outside the gate. Flying is just as easy. We use Amazon Pantry and for shipping we type our reservation name, our arrival date, and hotel address. It will be delivered to bell services. Upon check-in it it will either be in our room, or just a quick call over and they bring it rite to us.

Buffets are usually the cheapest at breakfast time. If you book Tusker House Restaurant, located in Animal Kingdom, around 11:15 a.m. you could get breakfast and lunch (brunch) for the price of breakfast! (That ham and sauce with Jungle Juice! Yum.) Bonus:: It also helps to not wait in those long lines to meet the characters since they go to each table. 


If you have small kids – Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree!

Especially for glow in the dark products!! Those light up toys that they sell rite before parades, and you get suckered into buying it, are money suckers! Yeah, we’ve all been there with a cranky kid wanting one of those. Well, save those $14 dollars! Also pick up stickers, coloring books, and small toys. The kids will be less like to play the, “I want,” card. (Bonus- they also work out great for when they wake up and there is a present from Mickey Mouse.)
We have a Disney Outlet store not to far from where we live, and the prices are much cheaper. Also, shop those little silver spinners and the clearance wall in the Disney Stores. I’ve been able to get great deals from them.

Another tip..

.. to saving money is to buy Disney Gift Cards online from Target. You can use any Red Card that you have even if you’re not paying with it. You’ll get the free shipping and 5% off will be added to your account. Disney Gift Cards can be used for merchandise, hotel, food, to purchase tickets, and much more! Typically, they are 3-4% off from resellers, higher around Christmas, they were 8% off this year. I’ve also seen Disney Gift Cards at the Grocery store.

Chase Bank sometimes offers a Disney Debit Card Checking Account. (This is if you don’t want to get the Disney Credit Card from them.) This card will get you all the park perks as a Chase card holder.

– Theresa Rose


Premium Starter Kit from Young Living!


I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Premium Starter Kit! If you’ve never used Young Living’s essential oils before, you’re missing out, this kit really is the perfect introduction. It is the most cost-effective way to try the top 11 oils. Each oil has a wide variety of multi-purposes.

What’s Included You Ask?

The Premium Starter Kit comes with a total of 11 bottles of essential oils PLUS your choice of a diffuser and some samples to give to your family and friends to share the love! Your kit price is deteremined by the diffuser you choose.


The kit also allows you to have a wholesale membership so you can save 24% on all future purchases! If money is an issue; Young Living now offers that you can pay using your PayPal account for 6 months, or they have a $45 kit. In which, you would get Stress Away, 24% Membership, and samples. The bang for your buck though is the starter kit. Frankincense and PanAway on their own is $153 for the 15 ml bottles!

Included oils (5ml each)*:



  • Add to you beauty routine to maintain radiant skin
  • Use during prayer and meditation for grounding and purpose
  • Use for massage after activity



  • From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse many areas of your life


Lemon Vitality

  • Enhances the flavor or foods and water
  • Key ingredients in the Thieves blend


5628Peppermint Vitality

  • Supports gastrointestinal system comfort
  • including bowel function
  • Helps with inflammation

5632Copaiba Vitality

  • Promotes Wellness
  • Also known as the “magnifier” oil. If you need a quicker or stronger response you would layer this oil on top of the other oil.


PanAway (aka smells like Root Beer)

  • Apply topically after exercise for support
  • The PanAway bottle has a different cap due to it having Wintergreen. Wintergreen is known as a natural blood thinner. So people who have high blood pressure or pregnant shouldn’t use anything with Wintergreen in it.



  • Neutralizes ordors in the air of your home
  • Freshens laundry



Thieves Vitality

  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Supports a healthy respiratory system



  • Massage on your chest for an uplifting aroma experience
  • Massage on the bottom of your feet before bedtime
  • Rub on your chest and back of neck before a workout.



  • Supports a healthy digestive system



Bonus Oil


Stress Away

  • Exactly what the bottle means
  • Diffuse or inhale for a relaxing aroma

*These oils are only for the US Premium Starter Kit. Other countries may offer other oils instead of the ones listed above. You would need to check when you sign-up.

..You get even more items in the Premium Starter Kit!!



Ningxia Red (2 – 2 ounce packages)

  • A Wolfberry juice high in antioxidents and essential oils
  • Supports whole-body health (including eye sight and stablizes blood pressure)

Even more…

You get little cute samples of some of the oils that you can give out to your family and friends. It’s easy to share your love for oils!

Now to make it even sweeter… from Young Living and me!!

As I mentioned earlier, when you sign up for a wholesale membership with this kit (using my Enroller ID), Young Living also offers an Essential Rewards program.

bookAlso, as a thank you for joining my team, I will also send you two of my favorite essential oil books. They’re published by my two, personal, friends. The book, white and purple, is only the oils that come in the Premium Starter kit to get you going, and the second book comes in handy for the different seasons. Now, to make this even sweeter. I will also add in a surprise gift if you were to sign up on the Essential Rewards program too!

I will add you to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE to join in conversations and tips with other oilers. This is a place to ask your own questions and to learn more about everything else Young Living has to offer!

I bet you’re asking yourself how do I sign-up for this? Easy steps to follow::

  1. Click sign me up now
  2. Pick Member – pick your Country and Language
  3. My information is filled in already for Sponsor and Enroller ID
  4. Click Continue
  5. Pick the kit that you would like to start with
  6. Essential Rewards (Optional)
  7. At this point you can add more items if you would like to try. (Optional)
  8. Click Next
  9. Continue Enrollment
  10. Type in your information
  11. Decide if you want to make a business out of it – then you would have to click the one with the social security. That is not shared with anybody except for commission purposes. If you’re undecided you can click the individual one without the social security, and call later on to add it.
  12. Agree to terms
  13. Click Continue
  14. Pick your shipping and payment
  15. Wait patiently (if you can) for your AMAZING kit to come!

To be honest, I waited a good 6 months before finally saying, “YES!” Now, I want to kick myself in the butt for waiting! I want to hear from you! Comment below if you have any questions or experiences!

– Theresa Rose


We’re going to…


DISNEY WORLD: It’s fun, it’s magical, and… it’s expensive! Parents save and save just to get their kids there. We took my first son there in 2015; when he was four years old. He was able to get on to most of the rides. His favorite was/is Splash Mountain. Something about doing it in the dark with no one else on; makes it feel like a completely different ride.

We’re going next year for Chase’s seventh birthday, and Grayson’s first time. It’s over a year away, and I pretty much planned the whole vacation. Just waiting on those magical number days: 180, 60, 60, arrival.

It will be a road trip down I-95. If you have tips for keeping a 7 and 1 year old entertained for 16+ hours – make sure you post them in the comments! You could call me a snob, but I rather take JetBlue down. From NYC to Orlando is 2 hours and 30 minutes. So this should be interesting.  I know to start it when the boys are just falling asleep or already asleep. I want to be far away from Washington D.C. before rush hour or early Saturday traffic. The boys don’t seem to have an issue with sleeping in their seats. Fingers crossed.

My husband swears we’re moving to Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida. Just to be 25 minutes away.  He pretends not to be a “Disney Freak” like me, but he’s an in the closet one. For sure. 

We’re still debating if we’re doing Hollywood Studios next year or not. Toy Story land should be opening rite before we get there. Growing up in the 90’s I feel like I need to go, but it still feels like a half day park to me. My husband is excited about the new Star Wars land, but that’s not until 2019. Plus, the new Star Wars hotel. He really wants to stay there. 

Also, Paddlefish opened up in Disney Springs. Last time we were there Fulton’s Crab was still running. Has anyone been there yet? Is it as good as it seems? Crab Fries. Seriously?! It has to be good, or the lobster corn dogs. I’m a sucker for those. 

The boys know we’re going, but don’t know when. That’s for Christmas. Obviously, Grayson won’t comprehend it, but he’ll be excited for Mickey Mouse!

Can’t wait to start sharing my tips and secrets that I have learned over all the times that I’ve gone. What are you hoping to learn about? Do you have any tips? New restaurant reservations? I would love to here them in the comments!


♥ -Theresa Rose