My name is Theresa Rose; well, my middle and confirmation name actually. Welcome to my three ring circus! I mean lifestyle blog.

A little bit about me. I don’t know about you, but it sound likes a cliché “happily married for years.” The truth is I’m the happiest I have ever been. He is truly my rock, shoulder to cry on, heart skip a beat, butterflies in stomach, head over heels best friend. He made me a Mother, twice, and for that I am grateful. The boys names are Chase and Grayson. (That should be its own full-blown blog on its own. All the Mama’s of boys out there; you know what I’m talking about!)

You’ll mostly find me at home playing with the boys, watching the Disney Channel (can’t forget the Disney Junior), planning the next Disney trip, and watching Netflix. When we venture outdoors it’s camping, beach, playgrounds, or pretty much anything fun!

So what do I blog about? Pretty much everything. It helps that I’m a wife, mother, daughter, youngest sibling, Disney fanatic, event planner, human calculator, reality t.v. sucker, referee, professional dieter, cook, and much more.

I’m still discovering myself, but at thirty, I still have time for discovering, don’t you think? Hope you stay around and discover a few things with me too!

-Theresa Rose

For general inquiries, advertising, to request a media kit email me at simplytheresarose@gmail.com