Recap: Chase’s 6th Birthday

header-ldc-center-logo-2x.pngWith the passing of our dog, Boomer, we didn’t really want to be around people for Chase’s Birthday. We wanted to do something fun for Chase. So we took him to LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER in Ridge Hill, New York. It is an indoor Lego experience full of play, creativity, and building designed for families with kids aged 3-10 years old. It also has two attraction rides. Sometime next year, I believe, the big LEGOLAND is coming to Goshen, New York. Can’t wait!! [Just a note for next time – go after 2:30 p.m. weekdays during the summer. A LOT of camps go! Silly Mommy.] Nonetheless, we made a day out of it. The shopping center has amazing views!


We arrived around 11, and our time was for 11:30. I was able to park in the parking garage and pump a bottle for Grayson before going in. We arrived at the doors with a few minutes to spare so we took some pictures by the wishing pool rite outside the doors.

Can you tell someone was excited to go?

We go inside with no line. Chase excitingly tells the nice lady cashier that it was his birthday! She was even more excited than he was! [Now, I’ve been to Disney World and those cast members have nothing on this lady!] I wish I took a picture of it, but Grayson was starting to fidget a little. She handed us an Activity Pack, and told us to make sure to stamp it in every room.

Let the adventure begin. The first room we could take a picture, but the line was too long so we bypassed it went to the first adventure room; the Factory Tour. Chase got to heat, spin, paint, roll the Legos, and at the end they got to take home a souvenir Lego with the Discovery Center logo on it. Even Grayson could have one.

After leaving that room we bypassed the first ride, because a camp came in rite before us. So we decided to go back later on.

Next room, Miniland. This was a really cool part. Each Discovery Center makes this room into whatever area they are in. We got to see cool New York/New Jersey landmarks.

I was bummed I couldn’t get a clear picture of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building. I kept getting bumped.


We went around the bend and the “main” room was there. It is broken up to “mini” sections. They have build-and-test, Lego Ninjago, Master Builders Academy, Lego Duplos, Lego Friends, and last, but not least, STAR WARS!

I wish I was able to take more pictures, but it was so crowded we could barely move most of the time. They had a 4-D movie theater. Almost like the Soaring ride in Disney World, but 1) Grayson 2) The line was insane.

We did, however, we were able to go on the rides. Finally! Joseph went on Kingdom Quest with Chase. I hung out in the stroller section. The boys beat the other group that went on the ride with them by 4,000 points! All those X-box hours paid off. They compared it to the Buzz-lighter ride in Disney World.

The last thing to do was go on Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. The line was long, but Chase really wanted to go on this ride with me. I used to be able to handle spinning rides all day and night, but since I was diagnosed with vertigo three years ago I can’t. It was his birthday and I couldn’t bare to say no. So we waited on the line and waited and waited. So we get on the ride. In order to go super high you had to bicycle ride your seat up there. Well, Chase barely touched the bicycle wheels. So Mama had to do 95% of the pumping. The guy who worked there came over to check our belts before we took off, and kept apologizing how crazy it was, and to say Happy Birthday to Chase, because he got to wear the Lego cutout hat. The ride was about 2 minutes long. It was fun, but sure enough I got Vertigo. It wasn’t horrible, but I felt it.

On the way out of course we stopped in the gift shop. Chase is all into the surprise bags, pretty much of anything, thank you Youtube. So we got a bunch of surprise bags for him. He also built a few minifigures. He wanted a few sets, but we said he could write them to Santa.

It was beautiful out so we decided to sit by the wishing pool and open up the surprise bags. Chase got all girl ones. Which is perfectly okay, because he has over 50 minifigures! Not a lot of female ones. He was excited, because now Mommy had some to play with. These were my two favorites! That hair on the 80’s work-out minifigure. Love it!


Since we were having a lot of fun. We promised Chase frozen yogurt. Of course, silly Mommy forgot to take pictures, but it was a nice little place one flight up to the right of Legoland. We made our way up there, and let him make his frozen yogurt treat.20881897_10213811175138514_2648866737195685741_n.jpg

Realizing that we didn’t eat since we left earlier that morning. We stopped into Elevation Burger and got the Chicken sandwhich. A little expensive since everything is separate. Not really a place I would go running back that I “must have again,” but it filled our bellies so it made us happy.

My husband is obessed with French Macaroons. We spotted a place below that had them, and really wanted to try them out. Sadly, we couldn’t it was getting late and I had to pump for another bottle on the way home. We live about an hour away without traffic. We will definitely be back to the shopping center soon. We want to try the Havana Central restaurant. It smelt AMAZING!

Of course, we got stuck in traffic and Grayson became hungry. So we give the bottle to Chase, and it got a little too quiet behind us. We peeked back, and this is what we saw.


Someone had a great Birthday!


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